Patient Testimonials

  • lauren grace

    Lauren Grace

    After years of unsuccessful attempts and two devastating losses left them with broken hearts, Deanna and Sean turned to the staff at the Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine at Cabell Huntington Hospital.
  • alexandra hope

    Alexandra Hope

    For Karyn and Brent, trying to have a child started out as a time of disappointment. It was time filled with stress and anxiety because they could not conceive.
  • clark menshouse

    Clark Menshouse

    When Clark Menshouse got in his car May 7, 2005, he had no idea that the next thing he'd remember would be waking up at Cabell Huntington Hospital, fighting for his life.
  • richard castle

    Richard Castle

    Some might think he's a glutton for punishment, but Richard Castle opted for two surgeries at Cabell Huntington Hospital, six months apart.
  • natalie browning

    Natalie Browning

    Carrie Browning took advantage of the services offered at Cabell Huntington Hospital, and is thrilled with the result - her beautiful little girl Natalie.
  • jackie blankenship sandy clark

    Jackie Blankenship and Sandy Clark

    Jackie Blankenship and Sandy Clark are sisters from Point Pleasant who have always traveled together. Their trips have helped them store memories that will last them their lifetimes, which are now likely longer than they previously thought.
  • brian galligan

    Brian Galligan

    Since coming to Cabell Huntington Hospital's Center for Surgical Weight Control in June 2005, Galligan has lost more than 138 pounds.
  • shirley birchfield

    Shirley Birchfield

    Undergoing laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery at the Center for Surgical Weight Control altered the course of Birchfield's life. She has lost her extra weight and her life has turned around.
  • larry reed

    Larry Reed

    By the time Larry Reed started thinking about weight-loss surgery, his health was suffering. He was taking 17 pills a day, along with two kinds of insulin.
  • erin hansen

    Erin Hansen

    Erin Hansen was tired of watching her daughter Kylie play and not being able to play with her. Now thanks to her Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, her four-year-old daughter might have trouble catching up with her.
  • jeff cline

    Jeff Cline

    Jeff Cline was just about to enter the police academy when a coal mining accident changed his life forever, breaking his back and neck. Ten years later, Cline had gained 100 pounds. His doctor wrote a letter to recommend him for bariatric surgery.
  • tosha hairston

    Tosha Hairston

    When pre-school teacher Tosha Hairston would tell her students to do criss-cross applesauce and sit cross-legged in the floor, she couldn't do it with them. Now, thanks to her gastric sleeve resection, she can.
  • Last updated: 04/12/2012
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