Alexandra Hope

For Karyn and Brent, trying to have a child started out as a time of disappointment. It was time filled with stress and anxiety because they could not conceive. After six years they began to explore their options. Their search for help began at a large lab in Cincinnati where they first attempted in vitro fertilization (IVF), but after two failed IVF attempts, their hope began to fade.

Then they met with William Burns, MD, and the staff of the Cabell Huntington Hospital Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine. Brent and Karyn said Dr. Burns renewed their hope for their future as new parents.

"Dr. Burns explores every option for each couple," Brent said. "And he takes such a personal interest in each of his patients."

Karyn said the emotional toll of fertility problems is immense, and it can sometimes be overwhelming when the procedures intended to help add struggles instead.

"It is a long and difficult road," she said. "Frustration is the word I would choose to describe it at first. For us, it became an obsession, so we kept going."

For Brent and Karyn, those frustrations and struggles were over when Dr. Burns gave them the news that their IVF procedure worked. Alexandra Hope was born months later and she recently celebrated her second birthday. She was the first baby born with help from procedures at Cabell Huntington Hospital's Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine.

Melissa Lay, director of the center, said that couples often come with concerns about risks and stigmas associated with in vitro fertilization.

"We care for them individually, and we will help the patients who need help the most to calm fears or handle emotions," Lay said.

  • Last updated: 07/19/2010
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