Jeff Cline

Jeff Cline was just about to enter the police academy when a coal mining accident changed his life forever, breaking his back and neck. Ten years later, Cline had gained 100 pounds. His doctor wrote a letter to recommend him for bariatric surgery. When Cline read the letter, one sentence jumped right out at him: "Jeff Cline is morbidly obese."

"It was the ugliest word I've ever heard," Cline said. "I cried."

Now after an adjustable gastric band procedure, Cline has lost 147 pounds and feels like a new man.

"I just feel wonderful," Cline said. "I'm no longer embarrassed. My personality is back and I feel like me. Dr. Nease saved my life."

Cline is now running mountains and swimming for hours at a time in an Olympic-sized swimming pool. And he no longer has to take any medication for his blood pressure.

"In my mind, I changed my birthday to August 27th, the date of my surgery, because that's when I started living," Cline said. "The greatest words I ever heard were when I woke up after the surgery and they said, 'Welcome to your new life.'"

For more information about treatment options at the Center for Surgical Weight Control at Cabell Huntington Hospital or to register for a free educational seminar, please call 304-399-4121 or (877) WLS-CENTER.

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  • Last updated: 07/19/2010
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