Larry Reed

By the time Larry Reed started thinking about weight-loss surgery, his health was suffering. He was taking 17 pills a day, along with two kinds of insulin. His weight had fluctuated over the years, up to an all-time high of 440 pounds and down to 308 pounds using the Adkins diet.

"I figure during the course of my life, I've lost and gained a Buick Roadmaster," he says with a smile. "I spent about a year prior to my surgery, researching it and trying to decide if it was right for me," he continued. "When I went to my first seminar with Dr. Nease, I realized he had a real heart for this. He was realistic about what to expect." "The staff is unbelievably helpful and supportive," he added. "They are meticulous in preparing you with pre-op testing, exams and education."

Larry underwent lap gastric bypass in July 2005, and said, "I've had headaches worse than this surgery. I was up five hours afterward walking around. Two days later, I was in my office at home, working."

Larry lost 140 pounds in the first five months and said that adjusting to his new lifestyle was just what he expected. "After surgery, I didn't run across anything that I hadn't been prepared for by the staff and the educational material."

Larry has maintained his healthy weight since surgery. He exercises regularly and he enjoys it. His waist size went from a 64 to a 40. He is not taking any prescription medications ? just vitamins and iron.

In his words, "What did this surgery mean to me? Lots of things. I can cross my legs. I can buy clothes off the rack. When I go to someone's house, I don't have to wonder if the chair will hold me. But most important is this: this surgery didn't just change my life - it saved my life."

Update: 05/01/2006

Larry reported: "As of today, in nine months I have now lost 165 pounds. Life has taken on such new meaning, and I have such an increase of energy and stamina. It seems like I can just go and go like the Energizer bunny. I am eternally grateful to all the staff for their help."

Update: 03/06/2007

Since Larry underwent surgery with Blaine Nease, MD, in July 2005, he now weighs just more than 200 pounds and has a new outlook on life. He is aiming for a weight below 200, he said.

Since his surgery, Larry has found increased happiness and improved health. His blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes are all under control, he said, and he has more energy than ever before. His days sometimes begin before 5 a.m. and sometimes end past 10 p.m.

"My life has just opened up," he said. "You can't believe the benefits of weight-loss surgery. Even interaction with other people changes when you're not obese."

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