CHH Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine Earns Accreditation

The Cabell Huntington Hospital Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine was recently granted a two-year accreditation by The Joint Commission.

The center, which has been in operation for three years, operates under the direction of reproductive endocrinologist William Burns, MD, and clinical embryologist Melissa Lay and offers diagnostic testing for men and women, assisted reproductive technology such as intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization, oral and injectable fertility medication and surgery.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, which publishes reports on assisted reproductive technology data, the Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine at Cabell Huntington Hospital had more than a 62 percent ongoing pregnancy rate in 2005, which is the most recent data available. This percentage is higher than the national average of 37 percent.

Accreditation by The Joint Commission means the facility has met standards that focus on whether the organization is doing the right things and whether it is doing them well. The Joint Commission obtains input from healthcare professionals, organizations, consumers and employers when developing standards. The purpose of accreditation by The Joint Commission is to strengthen community confidence in the care being provided by their local hospitals.

  • Last updated: 03/09/2011
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