CHH offers the latest in high-tech prostate imaging

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DynaCAD, a new technology for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) that enhances images physicians use for diagnosing and treating prostate disease, is now available at Cabell Huntington Hospital. This prostate visualization system benefits patients by providing physicians with an enhanced view using a powerful and easy-to-navigate digital imaging system. The physician can then perform a real-time, comprehensive analysis of prostate MRI studies.

“This MRI system aids in the detection of prostate cancer by visualizing areas of the prostate near the apex of the gland that are not seen on prostate ultrasound and can be missed by saturation prostate biopsies,” said Dr. Rodger Blake, a radiologist with Radiology Inc. using the system at Cabell Huntington Hospital. “By identifying the tumor location, it allows the radiation oncologist to target the lesion, rather then just treat the whole prostate, in an effort to improve patient outcomes.”

After a patient has undergone a prostate MRI, DynaCAD allows physicians to quickly process and manage large volumes of prostate images. This technology then allows them to synchronize patient studies for easy review while providing complete, extensive summary reports that highlight all crucial aspects of the study.  The ease and advancement of this visualization system enable physicians to communicate study results to patients in an effective and timely manner. 

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  • Last updated: 10/31/2013
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