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Regional Cancer Nursing Symposiums Slated for April

The Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center and Cabell Huntington Hospital present The Regional Cancer Nursing Symposium April 22 - 23, 2010 at the Ramada Limited in Huntington, WV. Five contact hours will be provided each day, or 10.0 hours total. Content includes topics such as nursing management of the cancer patient after a bone marrow transplant, the emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis, the pathophysiology of bone metastasis and the role of surgery in treatment of bone metastasis, distinguishing between the two types of chronic leukemia and identifying newer pharmaceutical agents and new indications for agents used in oncology.

The agenda, registration form and other information are included in the brochure. The fee for this program is $25 per day, including handouts and refreshments, and CHH employees are free. For more information, please contact Margaret Wagnerowski at or 304-399-6884.

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