General Information


Parking is free for students on the hospital parking lot.


No student housing is available through the hospital. Apartment rental information may be obtained by visiting the following websites: Greater Huntington or The Herald-Dispatch.

Dress Code

The student dress code follows the hospital dress code for employees. Appropriate dress includes:

  1. Name badges (provided by the hospital)
  2. Colored or white uniforms OR,
  3. Street clothes under a white lab coat, to include well-tailored slacks, skirts and shirts
  4. Minimal accessories (such as jewelry)
  5. Clean clothes and shoes.
  6. Clean skin, hair and nails. Long hair must be controlled and away from the face. Facial hair must be neatly trimmed or clean shaven.

*Inappropriate dress includes denim jeans, mini skirts, spandex pants or tops, midriff tops, T-shirts, shorts, hats, open-toed shoes and sandals. (Other fad clothing may be deemed inappropriate by the Educational Coordinator).


Students are entitled to all major holiday granted to employees.


Students are allowed one week of excused absences. Absences exceeding this amount must be made up at the end of the school year. Students must notify the Education Coordinator as soon as possible when unable to report to school or when tardy.

Meals and Breaks

Students are entitled to two 15-minute breaks (one morning and one afternoon) and one 30-minute lunch period per day. Meals may be purchased at a reduce rate in the hospital cafeteria.


When microscope screening commences, students are assigned a daily screening requirement. All slides screened by students are re-screened by a technologist and reviewed with the student. The screening requirements are increased monthly and as each body system is covered, additional types of specimens are added to the screening total. Students are required to accurately screen 60 slides per day by the end of the school term.

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