Comprehensive Diabetes Care

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At the Byrd Clinical Center, located just a block from Cabell Huntington Hospital's campus, the Chertow Diabetes Center is a busy place. It is staffed by a complete team of endocrinologists, diabetes educators and specialty personnel who treat and manage diabetes. The center, which is accredited by the American Diabetes Association, is a testament to years of teamwork between Cabell Huntington and Marshall University.

Many years ago, Bruce S. Chertow, MD, dedicated his medical career to diabetes treatment, and now the comprehensive diabetes center is dedicated to him. Patients are evaluated in the Diabetes Center and offered treatment and support, such as lifestyle intervention, oral diabetic agents, insulin pumps or continuous glucose monitoring systems.

Largest single group of board-certified endocrinologists in WV

Dr. Henry Driscoll, Dr. Ayman Elkadry, Dr. Omolola Olajide, Dr. Nesreen BenHamed, Dr. Rodhan Khthir and Dr. Prasanna Santhanam make up the largest single group of board-certified endocrinologists in West Virginia, giving them a unique expertise to address the needs of a growing number of diabetic patients.

"We were committed to the care of patients with diabetes even before it was widely realized how great the scope of the problem is," said Dr. Driscoll. Dr. Driscoll, section chief, has a long involvement in diabetes care at Cabell Huntington Hospital and believes the team involvement of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, educators, lab specialists and therapists is critical.

Patient education is a key component

Patient educators Heather Venoy, Anise Nash and Gerry Bryant

Whether they are reviewing a diabetic patient's diet or creating a plan to manage blood glucose, patient educators play a key role in the program's success. Anise Nash, FNP, CDE, CPT, is a nurse practitioner specializing in endocrinology, Gerry Bryant, RN, CDE, is a diabetes educator and the program director, and Heather Venoy LD, RD, CDE, is a dietitian.

"We stress the importance of diabetes self-management education to allow individuals with diabetes to learn the skills needed to manage this chronic disease and prevent the complications related to uncontrolled diabetes," Bryant said.

Much of the education at the Diabetes Center is focused on diet, including balancing food choices and understanding weight management and exercise. Patients are seen individually to create a customized plan for managing their care. Group activities are also facilitated by the educators.

"As educators, we fill the role not only of providing education, but as a patient advocate, a strategist and a motivator," Nash said.

For more information about diabetes services and the Chertow Diabetes Center, please call 304.691.1000.

Diabetes Support Group

The MU Diabetes Support Group meets monthly at the Byrd Clinical Center at 1249 15th Street in Huntington, WV. For more information, please check our calendar or call 304.691.1662.

Diabetes Exercise Center

In partnership with Marshall University, Cabell Huntington Hospital hosts a Diabetes Exercise Center to provide a multidisciplinary approach to diabetes management. The Center is one of the few formally supervised exercise programs in the area for diabetes patients, and participants show significant improvement in their clinical status and quality of life. More...

Other resources

Cabell Huntington Hospital has recognized the need for the full range of services important to diabetic patients, including the J. Robert Pritchard Dialysis Center, the neurophysiology lab and the Center for Wound Healing, a comprehensive wound center that offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

American Diabetic Association (ADA)

Juvenile Diabetes Resource Foundation (JDRF)

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