Multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Program

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A team approach to diagnosis and treatmentA diagnosis of lung cancer is difficult for a patient to absorb. And once diagnosed, the patient immediately enters a strange new world of tests, consultations, appointments, treatment and sometimes urgent decision-making, all while trying to process this life-changing news-- and this can be quite overwhelming.

The Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center offers a unique program called the Multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Program to assist lung cancer patients with each step in their journey. The program offers a team approach combining the skills, expertise and compassion of physicians, clinical nursing staff, radiology specialists and a nurse navigator to help ease the stress and emotion of being a lung cancer patient.

“What we are offering is a one-stop, one-visit approach to lung cancer, where a patient will be seen by all of their physicians during one visit,” said Imran Khawaja, MD, one of seven pulmonologists with the Multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Program and the Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine. “This approach will expedite further testing and expedite the care for patients so that there is no delay in providing them care.” 

Instead of multiple appointments on different days, each of the physician specialists is available to visit and examine patients in the same place on the same day.

“This program is significant because lung cancer is not a disease that can be handled by just one physician,” said Rajesh Sehgal, MD, a medical oncologist and hematologist at the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center and one of three medical oncologists working with patients in the Multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Program. “You must have a team to handle lung cancer. This program allows us to put our team in place and respond quickly to the disease and the emotional needs of our patient by connecting them with our nurse navigator.”

The Nurse Navigator

When patients are referred to the Multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Program at the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center, they are guided through their lung cancer diagnosis, treatment and follow-up with the help of a nurse navigator. The nurse navigator is available to help with details that include scheduling appointments and tests, educating patients about their course of treatment and handling the emotional toll lung cancer may have on a patient. For more information, please call 304-399-6749.

  • Last updated: 11/07/2012
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