Palliative Care

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Palliative care aims to relieve suffering and improve the quality of life for patients with serious illness and their families. It focuses on helping patients and their families feel better physically, emotionally and spiritually.

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care:

  • may provide relief from pain and other symptoms
  • helps with the emotional and spiritual needs of patients and families
  • offers a support system to help patients live as actively as possible with life-limiting illness
  • comforts whether one has years, months or days to live
  • offers a support system to help the family cope during the patient's illness and in their own grieving
  • affirms life and regards dying as a normal process

Palliative Care Services

A palliative care team provides services from many different healthcare professionals. The team provides palliative care for patients with life-limiting or life-threatening illnesses. The team has special training in managing pain and other symptoms, and can help patients and families face difficult decisions.

Palliative care services may include:

  • Pain management
  • Symptom management
  • Helping patients and families make difficult decisions
  • Emotional and spiritual support
  • Arrangements for other services at discharge

Your palliative care team may include:

  • nurse coordinator
  • physician
  • clinical social worker
  • pharmacist
  • chaplain
  • physical therapist
  • occupational therapist
  • dietitian

  • Last updated: 06/15/2011
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