For Teenage Girls: Your First Doctor's Appointment

As you become a woman, it's important to have checkups once a year with a doctor or other healthcare provider. He or she will check out your general health and your reproductive health. Your doctor might ask you questions about:

  • your general health, allergies and any medicines you are taking
  • your mental health, depression and stress level
  • whether or not you feel safe
  • your period: how long it lasts, your age when you first got it and the date of your last period
  • when your breasts started to develop
  • any symptoms or health concerns you have  

It is important to be honest when you answer. Your doctor needs the right information about your health and body in order to help you if you have a problem. And although these questions might make you feel a little embarrassed, remember that your doctor has heard the answers many times before. There is no reason to feel self-conscious.  

As you continue to have check-ups, both you and your doctor will learn more about what is normal for you. Understanding your body and your health now will help you grow into a healthy woman.


  • Last updated: 06/26/2013
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