Pharmacy Practice Residency

Position Summary

This position is a one-year long, structured postgraduate education and training program. The residency position provides advanced knowledge and skills regarding drug therapy and pharmacy services in a hospital setting. The pharmacy resident is a pharmacist in training who provides comprehensive pharmaceutical care through integrated drug distribution, clinical services and teaching.


  • Pharm.D. from an accredited college of pharmacy
  • Licensed or eligible for licensure as a pharmacist in the state of West Virginia
  • Evidence of above-average academic performance and professional activities
  • Experience in unit dose and IV admixtures is desirable


Major responsibilities for this position include clinical intervention, leadership, drug distribution and providing educational services. The following activities are components of the position to assist in meeting the major job responsibilities:

  • Maintain competency in unique aspects of drug therapy, including factors related to patient demographics
  • Provide pharmaceutical care by assisting physicians or providing direct patient care by:
    • Review patient medication history
    • Review patient medication profiles and making recommendations for drug therapy management
    • Interpret laboratory data in context with medication use
    • Develop pharmacotherapeutic plans
    • Implement new drug regimens
    • Monitor patient outcomes in concert with medication use
    • Determine alternatives for achieving outcomes
    • Educate patients on drug therapy
    • Document medication related issues in patient medical records
    • Monitor pharmacokinetics of drug therapy
    • Monitor and preventing potential adverse, drug-drug and drug-food interactions
    • Prevent and monitoring medication errors
  • Make patient care rounds focusing on drug therapy issues
  • Precept Pharm.D. Clerkship students consistent with academicm credentials and clinical experience
  • Conduct target drug programs and medication use evaluations as needed and report results to the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee
  • Detect, monitor, document and report adverse drug reactions and medication errors
  • Promote the use of the formulary by converting non-formulary orders to formulary when possible, but coordinate procurement of non-formulary drugs when necessary
  • Counsel patients on admission or discharge medications as necessary
  • Participate in the drug therapy management of medical emergencies by responding to Code Blues and prepare medications as needed
  • Discuss medication order clarifications with the prescriber, document any changes in patient and pharmacy records and inform others of medication order changes
  • Perform duties within the drug distribution process
  • Provide presentations, publications and other informative activities on drug-related topics to the healthcare community and general public
  • Document clinical interventions (pharmacokinetic consultations, pharmacotherapeutic consultations, anticoagulation consultations, patient consultations) and cost avoidance as part of the pharmacy services and hospital documentation programs
  • Provide drug information to healthcare professionals and to patients
  • Review physician orders for possible therapeutic problems, contraindications, interactions, allergies and formulary status of the drug
  • Participate in continuing education programs, meetings, training programs, journal clubs and related activities
  • Practice in a variety of areas within the Pharmacy as required by workload

Patient Population Served

The resident provides pharmaceutical care to neonatal, pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric populations.

Residency Program

Duration / Type: 12 month / residency
Number of Positions: 2
Application Deadline: January 30
Starting Date: July 1
Estimated Stipend: 50,000
Interview Required: Yes

Special Features

This flexible residency encourages each resident to develop a personalized course of training. Extensive clinical pharmacy services within a progressive environment provide the resident with active clinical preceptorship in internal medicine, family practice, pediatrics, surgery, trauma, neonatal, oncology, cardiology, infectious disease, nutrition, geriatrics, home health, drug information, psychiatry, ambulatory care and others. The residency program is designed to produce an individual with the knowledge and ability to become a highly competent practitioner and to foster within the resident the maturity and self-confidence needed to effectively communicate that knowledge and ability.

Fringe Benefits

  • Vacation
  • Sick leave
  • Medical insurance

Special Requirements for Acceptance

Pharm D. degree or equivalent experience, eligibility for West Virginia licensure, college transcripts, curriculum vitae, three letters of recommendation and letter of intent.

Training Site

Cabell Huntington Hospital is a regional referral center offering a multitude of services including Level II trauma center, Level III neonatal ICU, oncology center, burn ICU, pediatric, surgical, medical and cardiac intensive care units. Cabell Huntington is affiliated with Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine.

Type: Hospital
Owner/Affiliation: Private
Model Type (s): Teaching
Professional Pharmacy Staff: 20
Non-professional Pharmacy Staff: 21
Total Beds: 300
Number of Medical Centers: 1

Pharmacy Practice Residency Rotations

Required Rotations

  • 1 month Orientation/ Pharmacy Service
  • 2 months Family Practice*
  • 2 month Internal Medicine*
  • 2 month Critical Care*
  • MICU
  • SICU/Trauma

*Extended Learning Experience

Longitudinal Learning Experiences

  • Pharmacy Administration/ Management
  • Drug Information
  • Pharmacy Service / Staffing
  • Geriatrics TCU/LTC**
  • Cardiology Clinic**
  • STD Clinic**
  • HIV Clinic**
  • Diabetes Clinic**

**Elective Longitudinal Learning Experiences

Elective Rotations

  • Ambulatory Care - VAMC
  • Psychiatry - VAMC
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Infectious Disease
  • Surgery
  • Oncology
  • Cardiology
  • Pediatrics/ Pediatric Intensive Care
  • Wilderness Medicine
  • Sports Medicine
  • International Medicine

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