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Bill Harvey

When Bill Harvey learned he had prostate cancer, he knew exactly what he wanted to do. He wanted surgery to get rid of it.

"I had heard that Dr. James Jensen had joined the medical staff of the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center and that he was offering robotic prostatectomy at Cabell Huntington Hospital," said Bill. "After doing a lot of research about robotic prostatectomy, I was convinced it was the way I wanted to go. It's much less invasive than traditional prostate surgery and there's much less risk of incontinence and impotence."

After the surgery, a one-night stay in the hospital and a very quick recovery period, Bill says he's now feeling great and that he shows no signs of cancer.

"I think Huntington is very fortunate to have Dr. Jensen," he said. "And I feel very fortunate as well."

Gary Dutey

Recently I was given a diagnosis that no man wants to hear, that I had prostate cancer. The diagnosis was made by Dr. Timothy Dixon, my urologist, who was suspicious when my PSA became elevated. I am so thankful to Dr. Dixon for doing a biopsy. I was then confronted with the different options available to treat prostate cancer.

Being a graduate of Marshall University, I received the autumn Marshall magazine that had on the inside cover a new procedure for treating prostate cancer. This was the world's most advanced surgical treatment - daVinci Prostatectomy. Dr. James Jensen, a urologic oncologist, had just moved to the tri-state area and was the only surgeon within more than a hundred miles that performed this minimally invasive surgery.

On October 16, I had the surgery at Cabell Huntington Hospital with Dr. Jensen performing the robotic procedure to remove my prostate.

I can't believe how successful this new technique was. I was in the hospital just over night and was dismissed on the 17th. I had very little pain. I had very little blood loss. I returned to my job after two weeks and the biopsy showed that the cancer was contained inside the prostate. I need no further treatment.

First, I praise God for my outcome and then I thank Dr. Jensen for moving into the tri-state area and bringing this robotic procedure with him. His skill and experience certainly allowed me to go through the surgery with less pain and have a quicker recovery. I would highly recommend Dr. Jensen and his assistant if a man finds himself faced with a similar situation. Again, I want to thank Dr. Jensen and his nurse, Adriana, for their encouragement and compassion in my follow-up appointments from my surgery.

W. Gary Dutey, Ph.D.
Coal Grove, Ohio

  • Last updated: 06/22/2011
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