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Obesity Statistics

  • More than one-third of U.S. adults (35.7%) are obese.
  • Approximately 17% of children and adolescents age 2 to 19 are obese.
  • Obesity is the #2 cause of preventable death in the United States.
  • Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, which are some of the leading causes of death in the US.
  • In 2000, no states reported an obesity prevalence of 30% or more; by 2010, 12 states reported an obesity prevalence.
  • In 2010, West Virginia and Kentucky reported an obesity prevalence of 30% or more, with Ohio close behind.
  • Obese individuals are at a higher risk for impaired mobility and experience a negative social stigma commonly associated with obesity.

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