Volunteer Services

For more information, please call 304-526-2113

The Volunteer Services Department coordinates the services and activities of the Cabell Huntington Hospital Auxiliary and the Teen Volunteers throughout the hospital. These volunteers, who total more than 200 members, donate their time and provide vital services to ensure that patients and visitors have a pleasant hospital experience. The quarterly volunteer newsletter offers information about their activities.

Volunteer services include:

  • Staffing the Patient Information Desk
  • Delivering Flowers and Mail
  • Escorting Guests 
  • Library Cart Service 
  • Pet Therapy Program
  • Music Therapy Program
  • Senior Services Representative
  • ED Volunteer Support Staff
  • ECCC Patient & Visitor Comfort Care
  • Hoops Family Children’s Hospital
  • Huntington's Kitchen

Become a Volunteer

To volunteer, please print out and complete an application and a background check form. For help in completing the forms, please read the information here, and/or call Volunteer Services at 304.526.2113.

Teen Volunteers

The Cabell Huntington Hospital Teen Volunteer Program runs June through August each year. A teen must be between 14 and 17 years old to participate in the program. Teen volunteers work on the nursing units distributing ice and food trays, providing clerical support, reading to patients, running errands and generally assisting the nursing staff.  Many area schools give community service credits to students who volunteer at the hospital.

Cabell Huntington Hospital Auxiliary, Inc.

This group of caring individuals is involved in various fund-raising activities.  Through their commitment and hard work, they have raised money for the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital, critical care ambulances, completion of the dialysis center, the North Patient Tower Construction, the KID ID Program and other projects



KID ID is a program that provides sets of stickers for children with car seats. One sticker is placed on the back of the car seat. Before attaching it, parents write down contact and medical information about the child in case of an accident where the adult driving the car is unable to give that information to the EMS or Emergency Department. The other sticker is a window decal to alert EMS staff to read the sticker on the car seat.

Stickers are given to all new parents before their baby is discharged from the hospital. If you would like stickers for a friend or family member, stop by the Information Desk in the atrium or call 304-526-2113.

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