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As we move forward through life, certain health concerns may begin to reveal themselves. We may have a family history that makes us more likely to develop a condition or disease, or we may experience symptoms that we'd like to identify and address. Knowledge is power. The more we understand about our health issues, the more apparent our choices become.  Here are some resources about specific health concerns and services available to address them.

ServicesTools & Resources
Back & Spine Center Calcium Intake by Age Bone Health
Breast Health Center Understanding Breast Changes Breast Pain
Cancer Care (ECCC) Cancer and Genetics Skin Cancer Prevention
Incontinence Bladder Health Questionnaire Kegel Exercises
Cosmetic Surgery Breast Reconstruction FAQs
Digestive Diseases Center Colonoscopy: What to Expect Diarrhea FAQs
Interventional Radiology Varicose Vein Symptoms & Treatment
Understanding Uterine Fibroids
Lung Health Pulmonary Rehabilitation Interventional Pulmonology
Orthopedics Joint Replacement Osteoarthritis Q & A
Rehabilitation Services Balance Center SMART Center
Senior Services Medication List Strength Training for Seniors
Stroke Center Risk Factors for Stroke Women & Stroke 
  • Last updated: 04/26/2017
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