Labor & Delivery

Birthing Rooms

Mothers deliver their babies in large, light-filled private birthing rooms in the Labor/Delivery/Recovery Unit, which is on the third floor of the North Patient Tower. The rooms were designed with the mother's care and comfort in mind, with a flat-screen TV, floor-to-ceiling windows and fixtures that are more like a hotel than a hospital. Each room has a fold-out bed for family members and a European-style bath accented with glass tile.

Cesarean Sections & Emergencies

If a Cesarean section (C-section) is planned, or in case of emergency, there are Cesarean section delivery rooms right down the hall, as well as an infant stabilization room to provide care for babies who are premature or experiencing medical problems. A special, dedicated elevator that runs only between the Labor, Delivery & Recovery Unit and our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) allows NICU staff members quick access to the unit so that they can care for, stabilize and quickly transport babies who need extra care up to the NICU.

During Delivery

 The father or a designated support person is welcome during the delivery. If you would like more than one person to be present in the delivery room, please have your OB/GYN approve your request in advance.

  • Last updated: 06/26/2013
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