Cabell Huntington Hospital (CHH), a member of Mountain Health Network, Inc. (MHN),  is committed to creating community well-being through world-class health care, and our success in achieving these goals reflects the dedication and vision of our leadership. Our administrative executive counsel (AEC) is committed to stewardship of world-class health care.

Members of AEC are Tim Martin, chief operating officer at CHH; Bradley Burck, vice president of the CHH and St. Mary's Medical Center Foundatios; Lisa Chamberlin-Stump, chief strategy officer for MHN; Hoyt Burdick, MD, chief clinical officer for MHN; Monte Ward, chief financial officer for MHN; Dennis Lee, chief information officer for MHN and Paul English Smith, vice president and general counsel for MHN. 

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a governing body which is responsible for oversight of the operations of Cabell Huntington Hospital. The Board of Directors consists of 18 members who are broadly representative of the community. Members of the Board of Directors are normally appointed for three-year terms, and a member may be appointed to no more than three consecutive three-year terms.