Surgical Weight-Control Seminar (Registration required)

20th street professional building

20th Street Professional Building

Seminars about weight-control surgery are designed for people considering their options. Practical, forthright information will be offered about what to expect before, during and after surgery. The patient's role in successfully using this weight-control tool will be clearly outlined.

Seminars take place in the conference room at the 20th St Professional Building at 1115 20th Street, in Huntington, WV. Dates are subject to change.

Registration is Required. Please call 304.399.4118 to register. Attendees are required to wear a mask to participate.

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More Information

Location* 1115 20th Street, Huntington, WV
Questions? Contact us at 304.399.4118

* Unless stated otherwise alongside the corresponding event date and time below.

Upcoming Dates

Event date Time Alt. location
Thursday, January 21 4:30 am - 6:30 am