Cabell Huntington Hospital's OPERA Swing Only One in the United States

Cabell Huntington Hospital is the only hospital nationwide with the ability to perform the highest quality imaging procedures with complete patient accessibility through use of the OPERA Swing™ medical imaging system. The OPERA Swing provides the safest and most accurate diagnostic imaging for patients of all ages and levels of mobility.

The OPERA Swing can be used to perform diagnostic imaging procedures on the skeletal system, thorax and lungs, gastroenterology, gynecology, digital angiography and tomography.

"We are excited to be the first in the United States to provide this technology for our patients," said Nancy Godby, director of Radiology at Cabell Huntington Hospital. "We have hospitals all across the nation requesting a site visit to follow in our footsteps as trendsetters in best practice, high quality care."

"The new system allows us to perform imaging by adjusting to allow a bed or wheelchair for a patient who may be unconscious or too heavy to move," said Melanie Dailey, clinical coordinator of Radiology at Cabell Huntington Hospital. "In the past, we would move the patient to the equipment to perform an x-ray or fluoroscopy. Now the equipment makes the adjustment for the patient."

Patients who are able to use the adjustable and innovatory tabletop design of the system are afforded complete access without the use of stepstools and assistance.

"The table itself will lower to the ground and is backed up by complete automated and programmed movements," said Dailey. "We can move and adjust the patient where we need them without out asking them to change their position once they're comfortably situated."

In addition to ease of use by the patient, the OPERA Swing allows the technologist the ability to control the unit from an insulated console that reduces the amount of exposure they receive to radiation throughout the day.

"The remote room is extremely user-friendly and offers the ability to work behind a protective console which reduces the amount of exposure to radiation that we as clinicians receive each day," Dailey said.

Daily explained that controls are still available within the room if a technologist needs to remain with a patient such as a small child or a frail individual.

For more information about OPERA Swing please call 304.526.2120.