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When minutes matter, Cabell Huntington Hospital's HealthNet Aeromedical Services helicopters based in Huntington and Lincoln County, WV; Scioto County, OH and Martin County, KY are lifesavers. Specially trained teams are on-duty around the clock, ready to respond to emergencies throughout the region.

HealthNet helicopter

HealthNet Aeromedical Services is a nationally accredited critical care air and ground transport organization.

HealthNet Aeromedical Services, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, was the first statewide, hospital-based, air medical service in the United States. In fact, our operation serves as a model for cost effective, cooperative aeromedical services in a rural environment. Eight helicopters serve West Virginia and significant portions of Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Each helicopter base is responsible for providing service in a 150-nautical-mile radius (a nautical mile is 1.1508 miles). Ambulances are based throughout the region as well. The strategic locations of the bases improve HealthNet Aeromedical Services’ operational capabilities by reducing response time to emergencies.

The Ambulances

HealthNet Aeromedical Services’ critical care ground transport ambulances are custom designed and built for the transport of patients between hospitals. These vehicles serve to supplement the helicopters when the severity of the patient’s condition does not require air transport or when weather conditions are unfavorable for flight operations.

HealthNet Customer Care

HealthNet Aeromedical Services cares about its customers. We take pride in combining high-tech care with a high-care touch. If you have comments about our personnel, the service we provide, or our flight team's clinical capabilities, please contact us.