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Each year, about 600,000 total knee replacement procedures are performed in the US, and the number will continue to rise as the population ages. Successful knee replacements require precise alignment in the knee, a challenging task that has now been made more accurate through iASSIST Knee.

Orthopedic surgeon Ali Oliashirazi, MD, in surgery

Orthopedic Surgeon Ali Oliashirazi, MD

Ali Oliashirazi, MD, surgical director of the Mary H. Hodges Joint Replacement Center at Cabell Huntington Hospital uses iASSIST Knee, a surgical guidance/navigation system with Bluetooth-like technology that improves surgical precision and accuracy in total knee replacements, decreasing the need for revision surgery. This FDA-approved system allows him to verify each surgical step, in real time, reducing mechanical errors during total knee replacements.

The device is made up of small electronic pods using wireless technology similar to smart phones, that register the unique anatomic axis of the leg for each patient, ultimately placing the knee implant in a more precise alignment, offering patients a more natural feeling implant that is less likely to need revision later on.

iASSIST device

Current robotic and computer-assisted systems are less efficient and rely upon additional equipment. The iASSIST device, a palm-size electronic display about two inches wide, is the only piece of equipment needed to guide surgeons during a knee replacement.

Patients will appreciate the benefits of this less-invasive approach, including:

  • no additional pre-operative imaging
  • no additional incisions or external pins
  • reduced risk of infection
  • decreased length of stay
  • faster rehabilitation
  • better outcome and function

To find out whether you are a candidate for total knee replacement with iASSIST Knee, please call Kristie Kelley, RN, joint replacement program manager, at 304.526.2607.

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