Proxy Access

My Health File helps you manage the care of your loved ones by offering proxy access to their account and the health information it contains. In compliance with HIPAA laws and legal privacy, proxy access is available in three categories.

Minor Proxy (newborn through 14 years)

Parents and guardians with a My Health File account can set up a minor proxy account, giving them total access to view and manage a child’s My Health File account until the child turns 14.

A note to parents: For many of us, it's hard to accept that we may be unable to review our children's medical records after they have reached a certain age. However, federal and state guidelines and our own policies are in place to protect teens that need to keep some healthcare choices private. Please keep in mind that the proxy policy uses state guidelines to determine the level of access you have to your child's health information in My Health File. It does not change the legal rights you have to traditional medical records.

Dependent Adult Proxy

Caretakers and guardians of dependent adults with their own My Health File account can gain access and create a My Health File account for a dependent adult, giving them total access to view and manage the account. The term dependent adult describes an adult who:

  • is 18 years of age or older
  • has certain mental or physical disabilities that keep him or her from being able to perform normal activities or protect himself or herself
  • is wholly or partially dependent upon others for care or support, either emotional or physical
  • would be in danger if care or support is withdrawn

Patient-Assigned Proxy

Adult users of My Health File can grant another adult proxy access to their My Health File account. This is a popular feature for seniors who would like a spouse, child, caregiver or trusted friend to have access to test results, discharge summaries and other health information. It does not relate to or affect advance directives, a living will, a durable power of attorney or other similar documents.

Establishing Proxy Access

All proxy accounts must be established by completing the My Health File Proxy Access form. The proxy form may be completed in person by visiting the Health Information Management (HIM) Department at Cabell Huntington Hospital or by downloading here and returning to the HIM Department by mail, email or fax. Additional information may be required for forms completed outside the HIM Department.

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