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Choosing weight-control surgery cannot be a snap decision. It is a serious decision about serious surgery, and the process usually takes about six months. This gives you time to become educated about the type of surgery you will undergo and what is expected of you both before and after the surgery is complete. It also gives your insurance provider and the Surgical Weight-Control Team time to evaluate your health and determine that you are a good candidate for successful surgery.

The Process

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  1. Register and attend a seminar to learn more about bariatric surgery.
  2. Complete the online application and submit your letter of medical necessity and flow sheets.
  3. Have your first appointment with Dr. Nease.
  4. Your nutrition class will be scheduled as you leave your first appointment with Dr. Nease.
  5. Complete your psychological evaluation, nutrition class, any tests ordered by Dr. Nease and the number of months of physician-supervised weight loss required by your insurance company.
  6. Submit the required information to your insurance company for approval.
  7. If approved, schedule your surgery.
  8. Attend the pre-operative education class.
  9. Have your pre-operative appointment with Dr. Nease.
  10. Have surgery.
  11. Faithfully follow post-op instructions from the Surgical Weight-Control Team, and attend support group meetings regularly.



Please complete your application online as soon as possible. Please do not leave any question blank. We would like to know as much about you as we can in order to make the right choices regarding your health care. If you have any questions about the application, please feel free to call support at Remedy MD at 877.REMEDY9.

Letter of medical necessity

A letter of medical necessity is a referral letter from a physician stating that he/she supports your decision to have bariatric surgery and feels you would benefit from the surgery. If you currently do not have a primary care physician, please call our office and we will help set you up with one. Now that you have decided to take steps to improve your health, it is important to have a physician who can monitor your progress and your overall health.

Progress notes/Flow sheets

Progress notes or flow sheets come from physicians you have seen, and who have talked to you about your weight and diet. The number required will depend on your insurance provider's requirements. If you have any questions regarding insurance requirements, you may call our insurance coordinator or the telephone number on the back of your insurance card for more information.

Support groups

Support groups take place the first Monday of every month (except holidays) from 6 to 7:30 p.m. These meetings are an important component of your program, and they will give you the opportunity to meet others who are going through the same process as you are, as well as patients who have already had the surgery.