Labor & Delivery

Woman in labor

Cabell Huntington Hospital is a Blue Cross Blue Shield Center of Distinction for Maternity Care. Mothers deliver their babies in large, light-filled private birthing rooms in the Labor/Delivery/Recovery Suite, which is on the third floor of the North Patient Tower directly above the Emergency Room. The rooms were designed with the mother's care and comfort in mind, from natural birth to high-risk deliveries we want your birth experience to be everything you intend.

Cesarean Sections & Emergencies

If a Cesarean section (C-section) is planned, or in case of emergency, there are two specialized surgical suites within the unit and an infant stabilization room to provide care for babies who are premature or experiencing medical problems. 


For the safety of our mothers and babies, Labor & Delivery is a locked unit. Visitors will enter through the door at the front of the unit and each visitor will receive a colored pass for their visit to be returned at the window upon exit. These passes are shared between visitors/family members as each patient is allowed up to 4 individuals in the LDR room for support during labor. For the comfort of our mothers, we ask that no food be brought into the unit without checking with the nurse first. Only siblings of the new baby accompanied by an adult are able to visit.


Woman holding newborn

The father and a designated support person are welcome during the delivery. Physical contact is important for every new baby and breastfeeding keeps mother and baby close. Whether you choose to breastfeed or not we support the natural process of bonding through skin to skin contact.

Once you have recovered from delivering your baby, you will be moved to the Mother/Baby Unit. 

When time is of the essence, Cabell Huntington Hospital has an experienced maternal transport team that is specially trained to care for pregnant women or mothers who have just given birth while they are transported to the hospital by air or ground.